Holistic Admissions Strategies for a Stronger Graduate Program

As part of a research effort to learn more about graduate admissions practices and holistic file review, ETS and the GRE® Program, with the support of the GRE Board, interviewed faculty and staff involved in admissions at 58 programs across the United States. As interview participants reflected on their experience, many said that our questions prompted them to consider and discuss issues they hadn’t before.

In response, we created Connecting Graduate Admissions Practices with Goals: Questions to Consider, a discussion guide to support faculty and administrators who are interested in having the same kind of thoughtful engagement about graduate admissions practices on their own campuses.

The discussion guide covers:

  • How to prepare
    effectively for the
    admissions process

  • Key factors and their
    relative importance in
    making final selections

  • Evaluating the
    effectiveness of the
    admissions process overall

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Application review and the role of testing

Promising practices for a truly holistic graduate admissions process

Learn more about our research on graduate admissions practices and appropriate GRE® score use. Discover promising practices in areas like goal setting, increasing understanding among stakeholders and application review, that can help nurture a more efficient and fruitful admissions process. This presentation provides ideas and options for you to consider, whether your institution already has a holistic review process, or is yet to embark on this journey.

Have you implemented promising holistic admissions practices? If so we would like to hear about them. Please contact us at gretests@ets.org so we can share your success with the wider graduate community.

Using GRE® Scores Successfully

Strategies for identifying the right applicants for your program(s).

For an at-a-glance look at new ways to use GRE scores, check out our infographic. It summarizes:

  • How to be more fair and inclusive when making admissions decisions and avoid missing an applicant with great potential
  • Why it is important to consider scores on each measure independently
  • The best ways to compare applicants’ test scores

Interpret GRE® Scores
Information on the scoring process and interpretative data for the GRE tests.
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GRE® Search Service
A one-of-a-kind database of individuals from around the world who have taken a decisive step toward an advanced degree and demonstrated graduate-level readiness through their GRE test performance.
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